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Design Services

Courtside Furniture can aid in choosing items to complement your style and complete your home. We provide individualized assistance with selecting furniture, fabrics, accent pieces, and décor.

Design Tips and Tricks

  • STEP 1: Find your inspiration piece.
    • Every room should start with an inspiration piece. This can be a new item or an item you already own such as a wall hanging that catches your eye, a carpet you fall in love with, a fabric pattern you enjoy, or a wallpaper that matches your style. If you are struggling to choose your inspiration pice, turn to your closet. Look at the style of clothes you enjoy wearing. If they are classic pieces in muted colors, then that is the type of item you should purchase for your home. If they are relaxed pieces in bright colors, then your home should match.
    • When you begin shopping, bring along the inspiration: a pillow, a piece of fabric, wallpaper, etc. if you are able. Otherwise bring a photo of it for easy reference (know that photos do not always provice the accurate color of the piece).
  • STEP 2: Choose your wall color.
    • Look at the colors in your inspiration piece. Choose two or three of your favorites from the item. Purchase a pint of paint in each color (you may want differing shades of these colors as well). Using the sample paint, paint a section of your walls in a few places in the room. For the next week, look at the paint samples at different times of the day. This allows you to view the color as the sun hits the room at various places. Finally, choose the color that you like the best during the most times of the day.
  • STEP 3: Choose your flooring.
    • Choose a color that coordinates with your wall color. It is very likely that this color will also be present in your inspiration piece. Since this is a permanent item, try to keep it as neutrally colored as possible. To be safe, you can pick a lighter version of the wall color or a natural brown or taupe color that works well with the wall color.
  • STEP 4: Choose your accent colors.
    • Looking at your inspiration piece, choose several other colors that you like. Use your palette of colors from your inspiration piece to choose the other fabric for the room. Use these fabrics for the accent pillows and other room accessories. Remember, however, when choosing different fabric and wallpaper patterns in the same family of colors to vary the size of the pattern. For example, one item can have a large pattern with the images about the size of your hand. The next should be no bigger than an inch or two in size. Finally, the third should be very subtle or small like a check or pinstripe.