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Rated 4.7 Out of 5

    Elio Pillow-Top

    Made in the USA, handcrafted in Wisconsin, the Elio pillow-top matress has a traditional innerspring system featuring firm wire-tied construction to provide a stable and durable support sytem. A foam edge provides quiet perimeter support, increased sleep surface, and a firm seating edge. This mattress has a sewn and flanged system for air flow and pressure relief. The Elio pillow-top has a three-way secured stack of conformance upholstery layers. It also has a back support element for spinla alignment and deep down durabillity. 

    $ 399-$999

    • Brand: Courtside Collection
    • SKU:Elio Pillow-Top
    • Size: All
    • Mattress Type: Pillow Top
    • Comfort Type: Plush Pillow Top
    • Mattress Height: 12.5
    • Knit Cover
    • Quilt Backing
    • High Density Foam
    • Pillow-Top Decking Layer and Laminated Step
    • Foam Encased Edges
    • Adjustable Base Friendly
    • Wire-tied Coils
      • 14.5 Gage wire-tied 6" Coil Unit
      • Coil Count Varies by Mattress Size
    • 5 Year Warranty